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Can you force the test to run FROM a specific IP Address?

Bill Hand

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Hello everyone.


In our company, we have a FortiGate UTM unit that has redundant connections (1 DSL, 1 Cable modem).


The Fortigate load balances across the two connections, and you never know which internet connection you will get at a specific time.


Both connections have static IP address' assigned.


Is it possible to direct the speed test to come through a particular IP address?  I'd like to be able to test each connection to compare the results.


Right now, I have to fire up a separate virtual PC and 'hope' I get the other connection to test from.



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How big is the company?  If it's not too big of a deal, like if you don't think it would affect operation... I might try just temporarily failing one of the connections.  


You get two things out of this, you'll get to test and compare the two connection but it will also be a test of your network's failover.  Fail one (just unplug it), run a bunch of tests... connect is back and then fail the other link and repeat.


I assume since you understand the topology you might also have physical access to the network.


In my opinion, that's the quickest and easiest way to get to the results you're after.  But depending on how it's set up, unplugging one connection could bring down your Internet.  Do you know if it's properly configured to failover?  Have you ever noticed or known of one connection being down but your internet is still online?

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