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Download Speed Dip

Jim S

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Could have been that you were downloading something at that time, or getting updates... Not a fluke, something had to have caused you to have half of your normal bandwidth at that time.  If you weren't experiencing any issues I wouldn't worry about it... probably some task within your network happened to be happening at the time the test ran.


If you think you were having issues during that time you may want to use the other servers to determine if it's just to one location or across anywhere you try to visit.  Also, you'd want to focus your testing efforts during the time frame you think the problem is occurring.


If you look at my results you'll see that sometimes I have poor results on my best connections.  Sometimes this is because I've forgotten that there's a huge download going.  Keep in mind that if you have transfers running, the speed of those transfers comes off the top of your speed test result.  So you run at 4 MB/s normally but let's say you have a download going at 2 MB/s... then you run a speed test... if you're running correctly you could expect to see ~ 2 MB/s in the test results.  Same thing if you open two browser windows and start two tests at the same time... they'll affect each other.  


From a part of the test/site that's hidden, something that only I can see right now.  Your response time was 33% higher than baseline when that happened.  Personally when I have transfers taking up bandwidth my RT goes up like that too, if I really stretch my maximum bandwidth I start seeing up to 1000+ms of response time lag.  It perfectly coincides.  Keep visiting, when that new tool is released it will be obvious. (beta testers will get first crack at it)  I think it will help people a lot.

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