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keyphone panasonic


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Hi eptis,

 I am a bit surprised, as a PBX is generally not plug and play by any means. There is a huge learning curve.


I've never worked on this particular system though I dare to bet if you enjoy tech, you'll enjoy learning how to use it.


I'll take a quick read through the manual see if the commands I am familiar with apply. Also, some of the new systems interface with well with a PC for day to day configuration.



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hi mudmanc4

thanks for replying me ....

actually i 1st time to configuration it.i sa the manunal still not understand it ,i have connect to line CO1 and jack01

i can incoming call but i can not call out, 

normaly it need to set the keyphone " Press 9" and continus the following number,ever that i also dont know where to set it  up ..  :cry:  :cry:

did u got sample for the kx-tes824 model ?

cos  i using the computer setting it

i mean if u have this model configuration sample by computer 

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I have experience with Systems such as Nortel Avaya w/ meridian, call pilot ect therefore I would be of no more assistance than you reading the manuals and relaying information.


Each set (internal extension, leading to a physical phone) will need to be setup, including appear, ring, ring on line, default line, dial out, mailbox auto attendant, ect ect ect..... all authorized for specific functions and times.


Programmed line to button on set?


Have you tried dialing 81 for outside line?


No lock on set as of yet?

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