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Missing Identifiers from Export?


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Newbie here so apologies if this is an obvious question. I have searched for the answer and couldn't find it, but sorry if I missed it.


I'm trying to export my results. I want to do this so I can use Excel to overlay results from two different identifiers running tests over a similar period of time. (There are also a number of results I generated without an explicit extra identifier to which I would need to manually add an identifier in the export, unless there is some way of retrotagging existing results on the site.)


The export seems to work, and duffles-testmy.net-stats.csv downloads. However, when I open up the file, I see the following (two lines taken as an example):

04/19/2015 6:33:54 pm,UP,2496,2.4 MB,3885,3.79,486,0.47,duffles,75396260603,virgin_media,London, GB,mR24SoF
04/19/2015 6:33:45 pm,DN,76800,75 MB,72213,70.52,9027,8.82,duffles,75396260603,virgin_media,London, GB,XDmpkLeM

On the site, those two lines have the GB flag and a Laptop symbol next to them, and the HTML reads:

<span title=" London, GB  =>  Laptop  Bracknell "><img src="http://tmnstatic.com/images/11/location-uk.png" width="16" height="16" alt="London, GB"> <img src="http://tmnstatic.com/images/11/location-laptop.png" width="16" height="16" alt="Laptop"> </span>

However, for some reason only London, GB made it into the CSV export and not Laptop.


Without those identifier data, I can't plot the two series overlaid as I'd have no way of telling which result is for which identifier.


If necessary, I could hack together a quick JQuery script to transform the source of https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&l=500&z=5&q=duffles to CSV, but if there's an easier way or I'm missing something obvious I'd appreciate being nudged in the right direction.




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Hi duffles!  Welcome!


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I didn't realize the CSV export program code hadn't been updated to match the newer resolver system.  I'll have to take time to properly integrate that new code so it matches how the other sections of the site resolve locations from the database.


To lighten the database, speed it up and make it more dynamic those values aren't actually stored.  I instead store the values as numbers and dashes then have a secondary program resolve those numbers and dashes into something you'll understand easier.  The export to CSV program is referencing the out of date version.  The old version wasn't as complex so it's only resolving the first portion for you. Looking at the code I'm seeing that I'll have to do a little re-writing to make it work correctly.  For right now I've disabled the resolver so it will now show the raw numbers as they're stored in the database.  You'll be able to tell the difference.  Laptop will add a "-5".


I hope this helps, as soon as I can I'll get that updated so they resolve back into words again.


Happy Testing!  Thanks again!

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Hey CA3LE,


Thanks very much for the quick and comprehensive reply. I hope I haven't caused you too much work!


Just to confirm, I've re-exported my results again and am seeing (for example) 65-9---bracknell-b3- where '9' is 'Den/Study', '5' is 'Laptop' as you mentioned, and '-' will mark the results of tests I did before I added any identifiers. That's perfect.


Just one other quick question - I've just updated my package with Virgin Media from 100Mbps to 152Mbps and wanted to do some testing to make sure they're living up to their promises. I was planning to run a Combined test on one machine on a 15 minute schedule for a few days, and then drop it to a couple of times per day over a longer term. Would this be ok with you? I don't want to monopolise your bandwidth.


Also, I understand you've built all of this yourself? If so, do you accept donations? It wouldn't be a huge amount but I'd like to show thanks.


All the best,


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You didn't cause me any work, it's my pleasure to help.


Test as much as you need to.  If you get any errors for going over just shoot me a PM and I'll give your account an exception.  The limits are high anyways.


I appreciate you wanting to donate.  Instead of money, tell your friends, spread the word... something money can't buy.  Or, if you see an ad for something you like, support the advertisers... that in turn supports TMN.


Above all.. I'd just like you to spread the word.  This grows by word-of-mouth only.

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