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Did I pay to much?


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So for the last year or so I have so wanted to buy a tablet. Keep in mind I have never even owned a smart phone, I just carry a flip phone. 


I wanted a windows based tablet because I have a super cool ebook reading program called "Ice Book Reader Pro" I read ALLOT!!!


So I saw one on sale, It only has a 30 gig hard drive, Windows 8, 2 gig of ddr3 ram, a quad core intel processor, Z7340.  Its the Asus Transformer Book T100 With the 10.1 touch screen.


The guy wanted 150, but we agreed on 125 bucks. It comes with the detachable key board, and he threw in a wireless mouse with it. 


The main thing I will use it for is a book reader, and once I figure it out, I think I can use it to video chat with my grand children. I know it has a camera, I am thinking firefox to do that. 


So I am wondering if I paid to much????  I mean I am happy with the price, and it being my first one I did not wanna pay a ton for something I may not use as much as I think I will. Appreciate any input. 

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Yea, no scratches, it is nice and clean. Wanna get a new charger, mine it takes forever, A micro sd card, and a usb micro sd card so I can take files from my desk top and put them on it. 


Thing is, can you really play games on it??? I mean I dont want any thing super complicated, just thought some simple like racing games such be fun to have. 

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And look for a Motorola Xoom tablet (Google's own)with a 10 inch screen. It is so nice even at the price I paid. If others considered too much, so be it; I feel justified. Rooted (before ToS change), choice of many ROMs; one can't bore of it, and easy to carry, anything over 10 inches anymore is just too large -it's just the right size. The speaker dock being given away at $20 (US) a nice addition. I'm just very pleased with it. I'm not trumping up Google, just being truthful (and I got a thread I can brag about the Xoom :) )

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