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Thanks for the great site


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I came here after being frustrated that speedtest.net was showing that I was getting my full speed (or faster) but websites would sometimes take several seconds to load, and videos could take up to 5min. I forgot who referred me here it may have been someone from slashdot or reddit I can't remember. Anyway here's my question:

I pay for 50 down 10 up with Cox communications I'm in Orange County, California. Today speedtest.net shows I'm getting 60.16 Mbps down 6.32 Mbps up. I did the single threaded test here and I'm getting 27.9 Mbps down and 5.7 Mbps up, Multi-threaded shows 47.1 Mbps down and 1.6 Mbps up. So it seems I'm getting half or less of what I'm paying for and am feeling ripped off I would gladly pay less for a my actual speed if they could promise me that, but I'm afraid it would be actually slower. oh and my modems a Motorola Surfboard SB6141. 

Again thanks for the great site.

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Run a multithread test as well.  After you're selected on multithread manually select 50 MB from the download test page.  I assume that you'll get about 48 Mbps.  Your upload results look like they improved a little.  Run a couple more upload tests and manually select 12MB.  Immediately after, switch back to the router and run the same exact set of tests.  Just tell me when it's done and I'll sort out the results.  ;)

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Okay when I did the multi 50MB my download was 52.8, the upload with 12MB's I'm getting 5.4 - 5.6. I had to restart my modem after plugging back into my router, I guess the modem didn't like the Ip/Mac address change.

single threaded download is now 28.8 up is 1.6

Yeah, sorry I should have mentioned that.  You always need to reboot the modem when you change the mac address (switch it to another device), unless you're telling your router to spoof your computers mac address.


So no change.  What does BT say about this?  What modem are you using?

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Are the apartments super old?

Pre-Wiring (stuff that's built into a building) is usually able to be re-worked without issues.  Unless it's old RG-59 (often converted from an old antenna system) or something... then that would be reason to bring in new cable.  Unless a rodent has chewed the cable inside the walls... usually most issues will be right on the ends of the cables, and with splitters.  Splitters are the weak link.  Especially outdoors in the elements but I've seen them go bad even in totally clean, dry spaces.  They just tend to fail... usually when they do they still pass a degraded signal.  Chances are, they'll be able to get the service delivered once they can see that there's an issue... so don't worry. ;)

A few questions...

How is the wiring once it gets in your place?  Do you know of any junction boxes inside the unit?  Does the cable come straight out of the wall or does it screw into a connector?  After it comes out of the wall does it split or go straight to the modem?


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