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Dusseldorf server shows up as Frankfurt when selected

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I just happened to noticed when I select the Dusseldorf, DE server, it shows up as 'Frankfurt, DE' on the download test page and also in the test result.


For example, this is the speed test servers list showing 'Dusseldorf':


The following is what this server shows up as when set as default:


Frankfurt is also mentioned in the test result:


Going by Google Maps, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf are 229km (142 miles) apart.

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It's surprising what can be done with a phone these days. ;)


One more small unrelated fix:


Eircom in Ireland recently renamed to Eir.  For example, if you go to www.eircom.ie, it now redirects to www.eir.ie.


I just happen to notice when I did a speed test at my workplace:



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