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My plan with Bright House is for 120mb - I have run multiple tests and it is never above 50, usually around high 30's...



I get continuous buffering when trying to watch either Net Flix or Amazon...I shouls also note that a basic web page can take 20-30 seconds to load (like USA today)...I recently moved - it's all the same equipment that worked fine 3 weeks ago...equipmet noted below...


Direct TV Genie - Bright House Echo - PC and Laptop are both around 3 years old...


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Did you post this topic from your Bright House connection?  Shows up as Time Warner Cable, maybe they have a relationship or BHN may have got some IPs that were previously Time Warner's.  I just performed an update of the ISP IP database and it's still showing Time Warner.


Make sure you're signed in then run some more tests, I only see the one result.  Try testing against multiple mirrors and with multithread enabled and also disabled.  The results will help us understand more about what's going on and the overall health of the connection.


Let us know when you're done and we'll graph the results in this topic for you so more people can easily weigh in.

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