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Swedish server upload issue with 12MB+ block sizes

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I noticed the Swedish server in the list on Saturday and was wondering whether I overlooked it all this time. ;)


The fastest connection I have access to is a 4G connection at home which I'm using alongside my 5Mb DSL connection.  It normally peaks around 40Mbps on the UK server and seems to have no problem with the Swedish server also when the network is quiet:




However, the upload test seems to have an issue with the Swedish server.  6MB is the largest block size that will work for me.  If I try a 12MB or larger block, it reaches the "Be patient, uploading 12MB of random data..." page and then takes me to the server listings page, both on the desktop and mobile sites with the following in the address bar which appears to include an error code: 


Swedish server upload error.png

When this happens, the upload result is not on the test results page either, so it appears to fail altogether when this happens. 

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No problem - It was probably the time zone difference as this was the test I did on Saturday evening:




From this, I can also confirm the 'http' issue is fixed in the share results page. B)

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