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Anything wrong with TMN?


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Past day, different browsers, Win and *nix boxes, many tests fail to complete.


While I don't trust other test sites, their tests do finish and report what they always do...


Sorry for the double, it errored out, i didn't think it actually posted...  Some odd CRC error...



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I haven't had any issues with tests completing myself and not too many errors in the logs.


I found your errors in the logs, "Broken pipe:" with a referer of https://testmy.net/results -- I've been investigating intermittent issues with that for a while now.  It used to happen on my iPhone then it stopped happening.  I never got a definitive answer on the cause.  Really hate when that happens.  Every so often with programming something works correctly all of a sudden before you understand why it wasn't working before. Intermittent issues are my ultimate nightmare, especially when I can't physically reproduce the issue myself.


So a few days ago when you were testing, there were no issues?


Sorry if you have any issues posting in the forum.  I don't think it's related but since the last IP.Board update a few days ago we've had some issues.  I had a few posts that double posted because it appeared like it hadn't posted.  They should release an update soon, if there are too many more issues related to that update it will be rolled back.


After you respond back I'd like to work with you directly to troubleshoot the issue.  If it's happening on a regular, predictable basis then your help is invaluable to me.  Like I said, I can't produce the error myself.  Something special about your setup, settings or something is causing it to be triggered.  What the cause could be... I'd have to dig to find out.  When I personally saw a similar issue it happened so infrequently it made it hard to catch.  I can make your account do some special things that can help me track down the issue.  I'll just need you on the other end to hit pages for me and try to reproduce the error.


Thank you for your support!


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OK, Thanks...


Some info:


The main box I test on is a Win 7/64 machine. Pale Moon, Comodo Dragon, Opera.

Nothing else making an active connection at the time of the tests.


Let me know what you need, logs, etc, amd I'll be happy to provide them...



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