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Finding IP address from Connection ID


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I'm running two ADSL2+ connections in a simple load balanced setup. I can see that I have tests from two different connection ID's. Is is possible to see on the website which ID is associated with each of my external IP addresses?


I think I have it pinned down from my information but it would be good to confirm.



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Currently you can't see that information.  In the next version you'll be able to see all of the IP's you've used since you joined TestMy.net.  Even going back years before the release that gives you that ability.  The backend has been part of the site for a long time, you're just not able to see this as a normal user right now.  (For privacy this will be restricted to showing your own IP information.)  The program is even smart enough to track your IP's as they change, even if you aren't signed in.  A feature I've always wanted to add.  When I originally finished the backend that makes that all work I was exhausted, it was part of a large programming session.  I plan on opening access to this and much more in the near future.  There are MANY hidden facets to TestMy.net that I haven't shared yet.  There's at least 2-4X more content and tools hidden than are publicly released/available.  I hope you stick around to see.


For now, I pulled up this information for you and will send it to your PM inbox.  Hope this helps, sorry it's not currently a live feature.  Should be a pretty sweet addition when it's released.  I know I want it... usually means others will find it useful too.  

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