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Is it my ISP - Connection & speed drops


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I have been testing on a regular basis for the last couple of days so I can get a better picture of what is going on with my internet connection. My ISP claims that my NIC card cannot connect any higher than 100 Mbps...I was sold a package because I was told I needed it to have a PVR. I am on Fibre op. Your test site proves their theory wrong - my connection can and does go up to over 300 Mbps but drops, sometimes drops to the point of disconnecting for a few seconds. I am on a wired connection permanently until this issue is resolved I have Windows 7 home premium and not other device is connected - any solutions or ideas would be appreciated..attached is the most recent test details


monday morning.pdf

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@claudiaj ,

 From the machine specs, it does appear that your ISP is correctly quoting the NIC specs.


Not sure how familiar you are with a command line, or finding it. However I would like to give you a command to run to see the actual capable speed of all network cards in the machine.


Click 'start' or the orb in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

The type "cmd" without the quotes

You will see this pop up in the available programs


Now RIGHT click on the "cmd" (the icon is a small black box)

The option to 'run as administrator' will be there, click that.


A black box will appear on your screen


Paste the following command into the window:

wmic NIC where "NetEnabled='true'" get "Name","Speed"


Then copy and paste the output here.

It should look something like this, only you should have the wireless as well:


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5 minutes ago, claudiaj said:

Name                                                      Speed

Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller       100000000

Just to make certain you did count all the zero's when you typed it in, yes?

Or maybe take a screenshot if you can?

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@claudiaj ,

 You might update the driver, some of those cards can reach 1Gbps, it is not clear from the output I see as of this last post if it is however feasible.


The RealTek driver downloads are here, just make sure you select the proper (Windows 7) as you stated earlier.


If for some reason there is trouble, simply roll back the driver. However if the driver you attempt to install is not compatible, it is more than likely going to explain that.

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my drivers were and are actually up to date. I was told today by my ISP that they have been monitoring my connection since last week - blaming my NIC CARD is no longer an option for them...MyTest has proven that I can get the speed but something along the network makes it drop...not just a little drop - a huge drop, like this morning it went down to 5 Mbps, so I called them they reset the connection - it stabilized but not getting the speed they promised, and tonight it's dropped down again and unstable. Is there a help topic on understanding the TiP points - I can see the drops in their speed test site but with Testmy I can see the real numbers...both this site and their site results are pretty close - maybe a 5 Mbps difference....thanks for your help, much appreciated

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From hovering over on the test result page after the test :"TiP or 'test in progress' measurements are taken during the test and give you and unparalleled level of test result details.

Your connections is usually better when there is little variation between readings but sometimes a little variation can clue you in to issues like a bottleneck. This information is logged to the database with all download speed test results"


That said, there are many variables that can effect results in this manner. Much of which will be in the network load itself to the resource, or testing server. From basics such as overload, throttling, bad, varmint chomped shielding anywhere along the route,line leakage (terrorizing aviation sensors), node card going bad or overheating, any component in any device associated with the specific route, where said component changes resistance due to {place one of a million 'things' here}........


However for the most part, in my opinion at least, these variables are caused from network load, and the configurations set to attempt data flow control of said overload.

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