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What is speed test actually measuring

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When I run a "speed test" on any of the many test sites available, what is it actually measuring?  For example...is that speed measured to and from the distant test server to the router on my desk or to and from my point of connection to the ISP?  It appears to be referencing the IP address of ATT site here in Austin.  Is there a way I can measure the speed to and from my router to the ISP connection rather than to a distant server ?  Thanks....Tx

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You are measuring the speed from your device (pc,tablet,phone) to the test server. The ip address you are seeing is the static IP given to you by your ISP. No you cannot connect directly to their server to test your speed unless they put up a test server. The point of doing a speed test it too see if you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for from your Isp or to help you figure out local network issues.

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