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Exede speed test hangs, but it's not your bug

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Depending upon the software version of Exede's modems, a download speed test with a manual test size of 75 MB or more will currently "hang" around 1/2 way through the test or else the modem will crash. As mentioned in the title, the bug is in Exede's "web acceleration" software not testmy.net's software.


The brief history is as follows:


Around April 2016, I began experiencing modem crashes with Exede-12 while performing 75-100 MB download speed tests. Due to other ongoing issues causing modem disconnects, it was not obvious to me that there was a bug in Exede's modem software. 2-3 months later, Exede released updated software which caused testmy.net's download test with larger data sizes to "hang" the speed test rather than crash their modem. I figured this was a temporary patch. However, the hanging speed test problem still persists.


On the Wild Blue World forum, a poster reported iTunes connections causing modem disconnects. I then shared my testmy.net story on that topic. That poster is still running the older software which will crash an Exede modem when a larger testmy.net download is performed. Here is the topic: https://www.wildblueworld.com/forum/showthread.php?9931-Itunes-Update-Kills-Satellite-Connection


Among the posts is the information that a speed test of any size using Opera in Turbo Mode successfully completes. Opera's Turbo Mode uses their own proxy servers and bypasses Exede's web acceleration software (which obviously has a bug). Also, I can complete an upload speed test of 100 MB with any browser. My understanding is that testmy.net's upload test first downloads test data and then measures the speed of the same data when uploaded. Exede has some odd bug.


I just wanted testmy.net to know that any current reports of a download speed test hanging by an Exede customer would be due to a bug on Exede's end, not on testmy.net's end.


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Thank you for the information.  I actually just had another member email me about this yesterday.


Several Exede customers including myself have experienced problems with the download test.  Tests in excess of 40 MB stop and the browser window times out.  Lower sized  tests complete normally.  We have contacted Exede on this issue but it occurs that it may be an issue with Testmy.net.  This has occurred in customers across the country including Hawaii.

Thanks for your attention.


Great to have someone help me in testing this, it's pretty difficult to test on my end because I don't have an Exede connection.  Your feedback helps a lot.  If you have any additional information about this please update this thread.

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I'm glad that I could be of help! I consider TestMy.net to be the best speed test program for my purposes, and just don't trust other speed test software as much as TMN. As such, I have not been able to perform a really good speed test for around 4 months now.


I cannot currently think of any other information to provide that I have not posted on that Wild Blue World topic. What must have happened is that someone at ViaSat / Exede noticed modem crashes being generated by TMN. Some type of kludge was added the Exede's modem software to prevent the modem from crashing. Instead, TMN just hangs during a download speed test. I noticed today that even an automatic download speed test will hang. Without my knowledge that this problem is being caused by a bug in Exede's modem software, visually it seems obvious that there is a bug in TMN, but that is not the case. (Screen capture available upon request, but the only thing to see is an incomplete bar graph.)


The person who emailed you was almost certainly a participant on that Wild Blue World topic. Towards the end of the topic, we were having major communication problems. As I argued, if any website crashes Exede's modems, then Exede has the bug, not the website.


It was suggested that I was imagining a corporate conspiracy against TMN. That is not at all what I had in mind. Whoever added that kludge, may not have even known that TMN is a popular speed test website. If Facebook was crashing Exede's modem, that would have gotten fixed rather than just hacked. You'll notice that the iTunes, the topic of the thread, no longer breaks Exede's software.


ViaSat / Exede is not the type of company that would try to intentionally affect speed tests. They are the type of company who would hire a temporary worker with an online Associate's Degree to reduce expenses. (Optional smiley)


Besides wanting TMN to work again, I just didn't want you wasting time looking for a bug that does not exist. I'll be glad to help you in any way that I can, but I need to deal with an Exede service call first. After that, I will begin a concentrated effort to get Exede's TMN bug fixed or at least acknowledged.



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