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Need Advice on What I see


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Hi all, I am out of my element when it comes to the Internet testing and associated telephony tech talk.

I am a pretty happy business customer with comcast in comparison to price per speed for my area.    However; just this past Sunday / Monday my upload speed is barely 2mb [according to TestMy] However; according to comcast' speed test [which is basically the other site as well] , they are showing acceptable upload speeds.

Now, the reason I am concerned, is that I am also a Twitch streamer and the software that I use to stream OBS , was reporting dropped frames and this was a result of my attempting to push more information that what I could actually do.  I had to reduce the bitrate in OBS for a 2mb stream vs 5mb and lower the the quality from 1080p to 720p.  By changing those settings, I wasn't getting any dropped frames.


So.  Nothing has changed on my end, everything was fine Sunday eve, but Monday and today Tuesday, the upload speed is much slower, but comcast tools report one thing and OBS and TestMy show otherwise.

Does anyone have any advice?

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@GamersCircle , when you say 'acceptable speeds' , what 'speed' is associated with the package you are paying for through your ISP? Or throughput.


Holiday weekend, several variable are possible, more people at home, streaming movies/ games if any on your node, ISP chose to implement QOS (quality of service) to insure everyone has a piece of the pie, albeit not a large slice, but enough to gain access at an ' acceptable rate', a drunk person plowed and torched a pole, forcing your route onto another node, or any other number of variable not excluding weather, or even a squirrel gnawing for a snack on a wire somewhere along the line.


Has the throughput gone back to what it was prior to Sat/Sun ?

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