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Thailand TMN Cable Fiber to Home 20/7Mbps


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I just got TMN cable company fiber internet service (20/7Mbps)
installed here at the condo in central Pattaya (Bang Lamung) Chonburi Thailand.


I am getting:

 Download :: 16.6 Mbps 2.1 MB/s  Upload :: 5.5 Mbps 688 kB/s
using website testmy.net and selecting the Singapore server at 12:30
noon on Saturday 1 October 2016.

to the New York server, I'm getting
Download :: 3.2 Mbps 394 kB/s  Upload :: 2.3 Mbps 291 kB/s

All of this was using my PC connected to the wireless router, which
connected to a fer optic cable.

Below are the details of the New York Test

:::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..:::
Download Connection Speed:: 3153 Kbps or 3.2 Mbps
Download Speed Test Size:: 8.3 MB or 8448 kB or 8650752 bytes
Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 394 kB/s
Upload Connection Speed:: 2327 Kbps or 2.3 Mbps
Upload Speed Test Size:: 2.9 MB or 3008 kB or 3080192 bytes
Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 291 kB/s
Timed:: Download: 21.95 seconds | Upload: 10.589 seconds
Tested At:: http://TestMy.net
Test Time:: 2016-10-01 05:48:20 Local Time
Client Location:: TH https://testmy.net/country/th
Target:: New York, NY http://ny.testmy.net
Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/zQ5lFINmo.KfTWGHt6C
TiP Measurement Summary (Download):: Min 3.01 Mbps | Middle Avg 3.17
Mbps | Max 3.46 Mbps | 14% Variance
TiP Data Points:: 3.3 Mbps, 3.02 Mbps, 3.16 Mbps, 3.3 Mbps, 3.24 Mbps,
3.17 Mbps, 3.15 Mbps, 3.09 Mbps, 3.46 Mbps, 3.32 Mbps, 3.01 Mbps, 3.03
Mbps, 3.27 Mbps, 3.23 Mbps, 3.16 Mbps, 3.11 Mbps, 3.04 Mbps, 3.15
Mbps, 3.1 Mbps
User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:49.0)
Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0 [!]



Others have reported that 3BB ADSL 18/7 Mbps has much faster (2x to 3x) overseas download and upload,

It seems TMN fiber service is being throttled down for overseas.

The 3BB ADSL 18/7 and the TMN fiber 20/7 are priced 590 baht and 599 baht (plus 7% tax) per month respectively.







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I'm not sure it's throttled down or not. I just tested from Cincinnati, OH USA where I typically get about 50-60 Mbps down and 5.7 up depending on time of day when testing to the New York server.


i ran some tests to the Singapore and Bangalore servers and got 10-20 Mbps down and 2.5-4.5 up at 10:15 AM on a Sunday morning (not a really busy time on the internet). 


So I was about 1/6 to 1/3 or so of my max when going that distance. You got about 1/5, so I'd say that's probably about what to expect going that far.

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