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I've had an FCC complaint against these people - Spent HOURS AND HOURS on the phone w/them.

Things go OK for a day or 2 every once in a while then right back down into the toilet.

I've heard since Dec. 2015 "Yeah, they've been having problems w/that beam !"

Is there a sane answer out there ?

Follow the dollar and you'll always find your answer.

I can't stand this dial up speed - No place to go but Verizon Wireless w/same speeds.

There must be someone out there in the brain trust that can answer my question.

Thanks !

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I was once a Hughesnet customer and had the same problems from time to time. 


It is shared bandwidth; therefore, the more devices added, the less bandwidth you receive. It's a normal practice for Hughesnet to "oversell" available bandwidth. 


I've also known quite a few people with the service and they all report the same problems. Once their 30 day trial period ends and their contracts are locked in, the service they receive after that point is poor to say the least. It's as if they give new customers "PRIORITY" access until the trial ends, and then, BAM, customers find out exactly what they're paying for. 


You are not alone! There are thousands upon thousands of complaints filed against Hughesnet for their business practices. 

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On 10/25/2017 at 5:59 AM, BRUCE AT THE ROCK said:

I'm just prayin' for the day someone drags a cable to my front door.

That just 'aint happen'n here in my area of the boonies. I was using AWI networks and if it wasn't beyond slow, it was off line. Just dumped AWI and I'm at least hoping for the system to be online. My daughter has COX in Las Vegas and is getting nearly 200 down...Oh how I wish...

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