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Huge differences between Testmy.net single thread and multi thread test results

Nick S

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Hi Guys


I am new to this forum. I wonder if anyone could help me in trying to work out what is going on with my internet speeds please.


I am located in Australia and am currently on a VDSL2 - 30 Mbps plan. I have done several speed tests using different test sites and I am getting huge differences between them at any particular time in the day.

Let me summarise the last set of download speed test results:


1. Speedtest.net – 56 Mbps

2. Testmy.net (multithread) – 57 Mbps

3. Testmy.net (single thread) – 6 Mbps

4. Bandwidth Place – 7 Mbps

5. Speedof.me – 7 Mbps


Based on the above, the results of the two multithread test sites (inc speedtest.net) are pretty much the same high value, whereas the other 3 (which are presumably all single thread tests) all give significantly low results (by a magnitude!).


The other intriguing question is, why am I getting 56-57 Mbps (multithread tests) when I am on an “up to” 30 Mbps download plan?!


Would someone in this forum have an explanation for this discrepancy, particularly in respect to the single thread and multithread Testmy.net tests please.


Many thanks

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Usually results like your show that there's room for improvement.  When I work on a computer that has results like that, by the time I'm finished both numbers (multithread and the classic single thread linear speed test) represent the same, higher number.


When you multithread you're opening multiple concurrent connections, the speed is aggregated into your final result.  Speedtest.net multithreads and also discard portions of your result.  TestMy.net is single thread by default because of instances like yours.  If you were to just test multithread, you'd see that things look fast.  As you can see, you're not fast when you stream single threads.


I see you're running Windows 7.  TCP Optimizer from speedguide.net may help.  We've also seen cable modem replacement resolve your type of issue, especially if you don't have DOCSIS 3.  So if all else fails, go to a local store that is really good with returns... buy a new modem, call and have it added to your account and activated then re-test.  --- but it looks like you're on DSL. Let us know the model of modem you have.


Do you have another computer you can test from on the same connection?  Let us know more about how you're wired.  What kind of router are you using, is it wired or wifi, how far away is the router from the computer?


A good, healthy connection will give you about the same result in both tests.


Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.39.56 AM.png


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Thank you for your quick reply.


By way of clarification, I have run these tests on a desktop computer with Windows 7, connected by ethernet cable to a Huawei modem (model HG658). My plan is VDSL2 (very high bit-rate DSL) and is much faster than ADSL - can deliver max download speeds of up to around 80Mbps. My plan allows for up to 30 Mbps download speeds.


I have been doing download speed tests for more than a month using the abovementioned test sites, plus others (but only started using Testmy.net a few days ago). I have also done tests with another computer (laptop with Windows 10, also connected by ethernet cable) and there weren't any discernible differences between the two machines. I have also swapped my modem with a new one (same model), but again no change to speeds.


According to the many speed results yielded by the above mentioned test providers I am generally getting 30% to 60% of my 30 Mbps plan during "off-peak" periods. I am currently trying to resolve these speed issues with my ISP, arguing that I should receive speeds much closer to my plan during periods when there is little congestion ... but it's slow going to say the least (pardon the pun!). Given the inability of my ISP to have been able to resolve these speed issues so far, I thought I would seek some advice from your many knowledgeable members of this forum.


In summary, there are two questions:

1. Why are the single thread speed results so low?  Could it be because my ISP may be "over" throttling my speed to well below my 30 Mbps plan?

2. Why would I be receiving such high speeds in the multithread test, which are close to the max available speed of 80 Mbps, when my plan is intended to limit these to less than 30 Mbps?


For your further information, below is another set of test results carried out today, Sunday 12 Nov, between 1pm and 2pm.

1. Speedtest.net - 74.2 Mbps

2. Testmy.net (multithread) - 62.9 Mbps

3. Testmy.net (single thread) - 15.1 Mbps

4. Bandwidth place - 12.0 Mbps

5. Speedof.me - 8.1 Mbps


I look forward to your further advice.




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