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Greetings from Niagara, Canada

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Just joined here in order to bring some sanity to the conversation between me, Cogeco Cable and V-Media, (my re-seller of Cogeco Cable, who is my theoretical ISP.....although Cogeco provides the infrastructure!)


It's bad enough when you have a "test of wills" argument with your ISP over slow internet speeds......them blaming your PC, router, modem (if you own it).....your neighbourhood, your front lawn and your neighbours who didn't call before they dug!........the list of reasons why it's NOT THEM seems endless.


It obviously thickens the plot if you ad a re-seller into the mix.....like V-Media, Start, Rayan, Acanac, Primus, etc. You're REALLY asking for confusion then, because in addition to blaming YOU for your lousy speeds, now your immediate provider starts blaming THEIR provider......and vice versa. (Not to mention the complication that you can no longer even TALK to the "underlying" provider...because you're "no long our customer"! (The fact that you're still paying their salaries....just indirectly.....seems to be lost on them!)


So......I'm here to try and find out "WHO's bullshitting WHOM" when the blame-game starts. Hoping that by getting a grip on MY speeds and comparing them to OTHERS.....(meaning other users AND other providers) I can cut through the crap and give my providers some irrefutable statistics about their service.....good OR bad.

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