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Inconsistent results compared to other speed tests

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The speed tests I use regularly are:

Comcast speed test (Ookla)*  http://speedtest.xfinity.com

Google Fiber http://speedtest.googlefiber.net/

Speed Of Me http://speedof.me

and this site.


* - I know Ookla is skewed - they do the test, then discard the bottom 30% of results and top 10% - this means the average speed shown is higher than a true average


However, the 3 sites above all show consistent speeds from 90 Mbps to 120 Mbps.  As soon as a test completes, I then run both Multistream and single stream on TestMy.Net, and I get about half (e.g. 63 Mbps).  I retest several times, but consistently TestMy.Net shows inconsistent results that vary all over the map, while the other 3 sites show consistent speeds (either towards the top end of my service speed, or toward the bottom end when I am having a problem).


Has anyone experienced this?  Does this call into question the validity of using TestMy.Net?  Or, is there something else going on?



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