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"Randomly generated data"...

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Question re: TestMy.net's note that says: "This speed test will download random data to your browser"
What does “random data” mean?     Is the speedtest pulling data FROM my PC for the test?  ... or is it random data TO my PC?
 What type of data?   What happens with that data After the speed test?

Thank you in advance for your explanation.


Maybe I need to make that say "Randomly generated data".  It's noting on your computer, it's just fake, randomly generated data and contains nothing meaningful.  The information is also generated by TestMy.net's computers not your own.

I hope you like what I'm building and tell your friends.  Happy Testing!

Damon  YEP, I've been spreading the word re:  TestMy.net !

So - just to confirm --
    you are saying  that  during the process of the Speed Test, there is NO Data that is pulled  FROM my computer  and   NO Data  that is transmitted TO my computer ... right?

Do you have any notion shy  TWC isp  is SO erratic?
  ---  over this week, my  "MyResults" graph shows intervals where download speeds are at the  zero  line  (actually 118 Kbps ( I.E., 0.118 Mbps !)  !    ---   AND  (less occasional) download times at  89.7 Mbps

  Is TWC familiar with TestMy.net's findings?

Thanks for your response, Damon and Best Regards!


(as is often the case I wasn't on top of all of my responses at the time, I'm sorry to leave you hanging.)



  Just to confirm  re: testmy.net application:

   You are saying  that  during the process of the Speed Test, there is NO Data
that is pulled  FROM my computer  and   NO Data  that is transmitted TO my
computer ...   is that correct?


The data for the test is generated by TestMy.net's servers, there's nothing real in there.  When you do an upload test it generates random information, and then you upload the same random information back to my servers.  When you do a download test, same thing except the data is just downloaded to your browser.  As soon as the test is complete the test data is discarded from your cache so nothin remains.

Hope this clears up any confusion.
Happy Testing!  Please spread the word, TMN is word-of-mouth.
- Damon - TestMy.net

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