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Just moved from 300MB cable to 1GB fiber but speeds are SLOWER when testing!

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Help! lol...


I was using Time Warner/Spectrum internet and paying for 300mb down and 50mb up and I was getting pretty close to those true speeds on testmy.net


Now I have changed providers since AT&T laid fiber in the neighborhood for the 1GB down and 1GB up but my test speeds are near 170mb down and near 85mb up.


I am hardwired straight into the router provided by AT&T.

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Pahoo, thank you for the response. 


I am not sure what you mean by your first question. I have ATT's top service for 1GB down and 1GB up on their fiber network but am experiencing slower speeds than when I was on TWC's 300MB down and 50MB up.

The modem-router is a single piece of hardware and it is hardwired to my computer through a CAT 6 networking cable.

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What did ATT Tech Support say, especially since you are paying top-tier price?


On another note, my question about 1 or 2 pieces relates to a change I made to my system that I don't believe can be made to yours but I'll check it out. It made a HUGE difference to mine, huge meaning going from around 20 mbps max download to 108 mbps max download. I pay for the minimum tier because testing over the years only gave me minimum regardless of the tier; I did one month tests of each tier.


I'm curious to hear what your Support people told you!




P.S. It just came to mind that fiber does have some constraints, like bends in the cables, etc. since it's light through glass. Also, used to be that it required an additional interface (a big stumbling block to students at the university I taught/worked at circa 2000) but I doubt that is the case today....

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Forgot something

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Sorry, thought you had left. In the meantime I've developed problems of my own. My speed dropped from 85-110 Mbps to 400-1200 Kbps!!!

I found someone tossed a bag on the wirelerouter (8 antenna)

t I writer

talk later; in middle of running tests which kill wha


my 200 tests sequence JUST ended so will have to examine the results  but did just notice that the measurements I saw were suddenly in Bytes instead of bits!

Don't know why that changed but will have to get back to you about your issue. My router suffered a suitcase falling on it a year ago and now this bag and between the two I think I lost 2 antenna internal connections but you never told me if you talked with the support people. I am thinking of switching to ATT so any input you would be willing to share I am more than willing to read!!!



Network Map Unexpected.doc


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