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Results Question Please - what is this number?

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It's a combined average of your recent download and upload results.


I realize this isn't the best for ranking and have been meaning to change it.


I may go back to separate download and upload ranking or may make it average the combined download and upload speed.  As it is right now, if you take more download tests you'll have an advantage over people who test upload more (if they score similarly to you).


If I have it average download and upload your new average would be 223 Mbps (instead of 235 Mbps).  (so you've taken slightly more download tests than upload tests, because you're still near the new average.)  Others who test mostly download and have only 300 Mbps download (lol, only) could outrank you.


I'll get in there and change that so it's more fair and let you know what I come up with.

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Hey CA3LE, I looked up combined average. I actually like that formula. I just wasn't aware of it <anymore>. As you said, hard to say what is most meaningful for ranking. I suppose ranking Up and Down separately has a couple of things going for it. The ISPs sell their product in terms of two speeds, and have pretty much taught the public that Up and Down are different. 

The combined average, while elegantly capturing the weight of each individual average set, is not pure with respect to network speed. (i.e. includes a weight factor for # of events in each average set, and measures the test operators choices of which test) If some are interested in characterizing the test operator's decisions, they could look at the raw data and find out how many of each were run.

Along those lines, I was recently considering how the ISP data limits, or even the Cost of the subscription might be useful -- then regained my senses. Corrupts the central theme of Net Speed.

Maybe someday, when you SELL the Pro version, you can make it a comprehensive benchmark :-)

It is hugely useful and wonderful just the way it is.

So that's my vote FWIW. Separate Ranks. I have not done any screen programming since the Jurassic period, but I imagine you are all over it !!

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