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ISP (Host) average

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Hi, this is just a small thing .. but since you asked....

After a test, there is comparison data at top. Things like % > than my average, % greater than whole world, etc.

One of them is % > than Host. Hmmm.

I would have to think about this longer to know what to recommend. For now I will just submit what I am pondering.


The average numbers on Host have a lot to do with the subscription. (e.g. I pay for 5Mbps, and so 5Mbps is what I get.)

Lots of people are running tests, and we don't know what speed they are paying for in their subscription.

I think it may drive assumptions in peoples minds that could give the ISP a bad rap. As in, it may not be true that XYZ ISP can only go 5 Mbps Up, but it is certainly true that the majority of people here running tests have paid for that specific rate.


Like I said, its a small thing, but does mean that particular comparison statement might could use an asterisk or something to clarify the fact that the Host results are sensitive to more than just the capability of their infrastructure. It is not an issue for individuals running tests since we already know the specifics of our own subscriptions.


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Yes, if more subscribers are paying for a lower speed it will lower that hosts averages.  But it does this for all hosts equally and unbiasedly.  Hosts that offer faster basic packages will have a faster average.


The ISP gives themselves a bad rap by having so many customers on these slower basic packages, if they offer a basic package of 5 Mbps and made it 100 Mbps instead (for instance) they could easily bring up their averages.  The program isn't unfairly calculating, it's just giving you the numbers.  It has no way of knowing if the person who just scored 5 Mbps is on the 5 Mbps plan or the 100 Mbps plan... unless it asks you.  And as a programmer I can't rely on user input for variables.  ... I always like to use variables that I can detect without user interaction.


I definitely see what you're saying, it's a valid point.  But I don't think it gives anyone a bad rap... they simply need to offer faster speeds to more users and they'll score better here.  :-D 


Like I said, all hosts averages are unbiasedly lowered by their slowest users.  Some just have more slower users than others... and they have the slower averages they deserve as a consequence. 

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