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Test speed results, stopwatch difference


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My test speed shows 1.3 mbps

Amount data used for test 1.3 mbps

Should take 1 second for test but if I time it with stopwatch I time 10 seconds to 90 seconds to complete test. Only download test only.

This  indicates  speeds of .13 mbps and 140 kbps.but results still show 1.3 mbps

What am I not seeing?

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Megabits are different than Megabytes.  This is confusing for many.  Keep in mind there are 8 bits to 1 byte.  (see Understanding Bandwidth)


Your 1.3 Mbps result means that you transfer a file at 0.1625 MB/s.


Example from your results.


TestMy.net Test ID : EbLIyTfw8


In this result you transferred 1.8 MB (or 1843 kB) of data.  Your bandwidth speed is 1.36 Mbps, you'll see your speed in bytes next to that... 171 kB/s (or 0.17 MB/s) --- (1843 kB / 171 kB/s) = should have taken 10.77 seconds for that test to run.

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