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Larger tests sizes are better but can become unnecessary if they're too large.


Here's an equation I use.  

(speed in Mbps / 8 * seconds you'd like the test to run for)


So on a 25 Mbps connection where we'd like the test to run for 7 seconds... 25/8*7 = ~22MB


So yes, picking the same size (in MB) as your quoted package speed (in Mbps) is pretty much the same... it will yield a slightly longer test time (8 seconds) than what TestMy.net deems as necessary for an accurate result (5-7 seconds).


But your connection isn't running at 25 Mbps down.


?t=u&l=50&q=pokeys12's Speed Test Results


When you're testing at the low (5.92 Mbps) using 25 MB


25/(5.92/8) = 33.78 sec


average (11.46 Mbps)

25/(11.46/8) = 17.45 sec


and the high (15.5 Mbps)

25/(15.5/8) = 12.9 sec


So 25 MB will take longer than necessary in your case.  Even when you're running on the high end.


Long story short...

A nice quick test will probably be to take your average and round it down a little.  Say about -10%, quickly in your head.  Call it 10 MB (remember MB is different than Mb).  If you end up testing 10 MB and it goes too quickly (that would be nice)... TestMy.net will forward you to a size it thinks will work better.  (By default this auto forwarding only happens if the test size is less than 12MB [3 MB for upload tests], there will be a user setting to control these defaults soon.  Auto test can do that too.)


Using TestMy.net you're able to take extra long tests if that helps you troubleshoot but for average daily testing something that's going to take 5-7 seconds is usually sufficient.  When in doubt, click "Test My Download Speed" or "Test My Upload Speed" (I think that's what you've already been using) and TMN will quickly figure it for you on a per-test basis.


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