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Testmy.net security - please enlighten me


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Greetings. I was introduced to your site, only yesterday when I was visiting a friend. He ran your test and this site showed his testing history. I then ran your test on my own (visiting) laptop, which was connected to his WiFi, and to both of our surprises I was served up his testing history, without me logging in to this site? I am just curious how this works, re security? I can only guess, that because the external IP was the same, we both got all the info, but this is not very secure. That means that anyone who has the WiFi pw can check the testing history?


I am not paranoid, just curious. Thanks.



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Hi Paul, welcome!


Your test history is tied to what I call a computer ID (compid).  This is derived from your IP address.  CompID is a way for me to obfuscate your IP address into something that's not personally identifiable.


Your test history here is always open to the public by the way.  The results are transparent for user research.


When you visit and aren't signed in the program is identifying you primarily by that compid.  When you sign in with a username it associates your device with both the username and compid.  So when you aren't signed in it's querying all of the results that have your same compid.


Do you think people would like an option to hide their results from the public?

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Thank you for your explanation. I personally have no reason to wish to hide my speed test results, but I can't speak for others. My question was pure so that I can get a better understanding of what was happening. I guessed that it was IP driven. So what happens for people on dynamic IP service? (Again, not that it matters :) ).


Have a great day,


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