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Different results when not signed in?

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I have been a Hughes Net customer for a long time now using HT2000W. After returning to my rural home in June I thought internet seemed slow, esp after having fiber to my Florida home. 

Strangely, after signing in to TMN I was measuring 2-3 Mbps regularly. But after signing out and retesting I am getting 20 Mbps.???

What is happening??

Date format: D M d Y @ g:i:s a  TypeTest  SizeScore   MbpsScore  MB/s  Username  Computer IDISP / HostExtra IdentifierTest ID

Tue Jun 23 2020 @ 3:15:44 pm  DN1.8 MB    1.290.16   curt   6.54408E+13           hughes_network_syste   62----cartersville-g    29m4jcB96

Tue Jun 23 2020 @ 3:12:39 pm  DN51.3 MB  17.072.13          6.54408E+13           hughes_network_syste   60----cartersville-g    k_pXA~GrW

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@CA3LE well this is odd.. i just tried to sign out of chrome and now i cant complete a test at all? 



edit: signed back in and alls good again. very odd





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