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SpaceX's beta Starlink customer unboxing and speed tests


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After watching various videos on SpaceX's Starlink Internet service and beta tests, I came across an interesting customer video unboxing and testing their Starlink dish setup, i.e. SpaceX's Public "Better Than Nothing" beta for Starlink.  The customer runs a few speed tests on both Fast and TestMy.net and shows their speed test history.  



Although they had Multithread enabled, their test results page shows the linear download tests further down, which are just as impressive hitting the 80s.  It'll be interesting to see how well Starlink holds up with contention as more customers join the service as it's like an empty motorway at present.


It's not due to reach Europe until sometime in 2021 as they need to get country approval throughout the EU:


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I have had it for just over a week, there is many people on it now running the beta testing.  Setup is simple, as long as you use the app to look for obstructions, mine is facing NE if that helps anyone.


It is fast, I have seen speeds on fast around 220 Mbps and recently on here in the 120s.  As they as more satellites and more up-link stations things will get better.  Right now I am seeing some 25 - 30 ms ping times, quite amazing for the trip it has to make.  The dish is heated so snow and ice melt right off of it, I hope to see how the speeds are during heavy storms.


One bad thing so far, I am not sure if this will be worked on or not but the whole system appears to be tripped nated, not good for gamers but I am sure there's ways around that also.


Please with it so far, I have interruptions from obstructions while I am waiting for a mount to come, spaceX can figure out how to get stuff in space, but they are yet to figure out how to get something shipped in less than 4 weeks.  lol.


This is obviously not for someone that has a decent service, this is designed for someone in the sticks with garbage internet service, this will make most smile with the speeds and how quickly games can update, how quick you can post photos and so on....


If anyone has questions, please ask away and I will try to reply.

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