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Remember when ....


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I looked through my old download installers I have saved.

I have the 4.08 installer that shows 2007 as the date I downloaded it.


I don't have CableNut installed on my computers any more.


I bet it is still on my mothballed IBM with Windows 98 SE on it.

It's probably been 3 or 4 years since I booted it.

It booted fine but surfed very poorly.

No web site likes even the latest version of a browser that Windows 98SE will run,

Which is some old FireFox portable.


I keep it so if I want to run some old program if I need to.


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I left Windows OS after Vista came out, stuck in with XP until it was no longer super viable, I could never 'connect' with the direction they went. Though always have a VM to keep up that I can still use the basics of the OS.


Linux / FreeBSD and MacOS have been way more exciting for me since then, where I can tweak it to what I want it to  be.


Good times either way!

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I have only played around with Linux a little.

I've never used a MacOS.

Right now I'm using various versions of Windows 7 but I still have both XP & XP Pro I can boot into.

Also a Vista & like I posted a Windows 98 SE if I really need to.

None virtual. I never got into the virtual OS's either.

I do use a software that is basically a Sandbox when I feel I need it.

This is not a plug for it but it is called Shadow Defender & it has been a good software for my use.

I have many softwares that are for Windows so I need to stick with it for those.


If Windows ever get too bad & I can't update certain software in older versions I might try Linux.

Probably the newest version of Windows first though.

I hope to completely bypass Windows 10.

Not that Windows 11 or whatever MS decides to call it will be any better.

Like many I use Windows because it is what I learned on mostly & it is compatible with so much.

I believe since Vista it is spyware for the benefit of MS.

So anything a user does can be had by MS if they want it.

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