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Notebook/Laptop question/suggestion


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Holy cow that is on hell of a title...

Ok here is the deal... I know alot about Desktop and the good components that make a computer decent and what to stay away from... Now that I am starting college next year I am looking at replacing my desktop with a notebook/laptop. I have been looking around that the big name brands, HP/Compaq, Dell, Gateway/eMachine, IBM, and just for kicks Alienware... I am completly in the dark on this one...

Here is what I have put together based on some reviews from PcWorld and Cnet.com

HP zd7000

3.2ghz Pentium 4 with HT

Windows XP Pro

512mb ddr ram

60gb 5400rpm

DVD/CR-RW drive

17.0 Wide screen LCD

128mb Nvidia Go5700

That is about $1850

I like this one because it has a decent graphics card/solution which I hope will be able to play some games... The only real problem is that the battery life is really bad! :lol: This doesnt really bother me cause it is a desktop replacement..

If anyone has something that they really like please let me know!! you can email me, pm me, or just post here.. Thanks!!

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That sounds pretty sweet....... but if it's pure performance you are talking about... you can't beat a desktop. Laptops friggen rule though.

++sigh++ wish I still had my laptop, my work took it away though :x ~ nothing better than a laptop with 802.11g or even 802.11b --- ahhhh, those were the days :rolleyes:

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