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FIOS in Baltimore, Maryland


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Anyone know when they will put FIOS in Baltimore, Maryland (zip code: 21223)

I am in dying need of this fast service.  I also run a network from my home with vpn passthrough, mail server and web server.  Anyone know they allow this or has blocked out these ports?

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Hello    I live in 21222 (dundalk / baltimore city)  and  verizon  is  currently  testing out  FIOS in Baltimore.  It will most likely  will be  up  by early next year  or by New Year's  2007.  If  you like to know  the prices for FIOS  its....

$39.95  for  5 Mbps Down / 2 Mbps Up

$49.95  for  15 Mbps Down / 2 Mbps  Up      <-------Best Value

$199.95  for  30 Mbps Down / 5 Mbps Up

All prices are of the monthly  billing.  If  you have  Verizon  Freedom  and / or Directv  service  through Verizon ,    you  will get    $5 off the $39.95  and $49.95 packages    and  $20 off the  $199.95 package.

If  you  like  more  information  on how  to get  Verizon  FIOS ,  please  go to http://www22.verizon.com/FiosForHome/channels/Fios/HighSpeedInternetForHome.asp  and  enter  your  phone  #  to  get up-to-date info  on  when  Verizon FIOS will be available  in the Baltimore  Metropolitan Area.

People in Montgomery County  get the service  first  because  its  a rich ,  highly populated  ,  and  also  many federal workers live in Montgomery County .

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Its not mainly  for the wealthy  .  People  who  work  for the NSA and CIA live  in Montgomery County    so  they need the fastest  connection available. Everyone  will have it  by  2006  or 2007    and believe me  ppl  who  are with comcast  will cancel  their service  when FIOS comes out . Currently  its $53  a month  for  6Mbps /768Kbps  with comcast.  When  FIOS comes out  ,  it  will be  15Mbps / 2Mbps  for  $8 cheaper  with Verizon Freedon  at  a price  for FIOS at $45.

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If we have to wait till late 06/early 07, comcast will have something comparable to 15/2 available.  And they're not stupid, they know they will have to compete with FIOS.  They've gotta be working on more than just the 8/768 that is coming.  For now i'll just grab up the 8/768 in bmore when it comes out.  I heard it will be available from the whitemarsh/parkville/towson hub areas by mid-august, probably sooner.  While other people say July 20th, and still others say late august... so we'll see.

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True that, only a large enterprise with thousands of servers would benefit from this rich bandwidth.  The last I checked for a T3 was $190,000 per month but cost may have went down.  Now for OC192-256, how much are the cost for these circuits anyways?

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I have read through a timeline somewhere based on Verizon FIOS in the Baltimore Metro Area and here is the timeline

2006 - Southern Baltimore County, Northern Anne Arundel County, most of Southwestern Baltimore County (around Arbutus and Catonsville)

2007 - Southwest, Western and Northwest Baltimore (around Owings Mills)

2008 - Northern Baltimore County (Hunt Valley, Timonium)  This does not include the Hereford Zone most likely, Parts of Northeast Baltimore County (around the beltway area Perring Parkway and Belair Road)

2009 - Most of Northeastern Baltimore County (Rosedale, White Marsh)

2010 - Rest of Northeastern Baltimore County, Most of  Eastern Baltimore County ( Essex, Middle River)

2011 - Rest of Eastern Baltimore County, Most of Southeastern Baltimore County (Dundalk, Sparrows Point)

2012 - Rest of Southeastern Baltimore County.

So long story short, Verizon decided to build the FIOS infrastructure from Southern Baltimore County to Southeast Baltimore County to avoid the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

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