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What a problem....  OK  I can't get IE to launch.  When I use the standard icons it doesn't launch.  I found a way into it by asking msm for a windows update and then using that window for IE.

What I have done.

1) Run AVG professional  (Nothing found.)

2) Run Webroots Spysweeper (Nothing unusual found)

3) Run Webroots window washer.  (Nothing unusual and shouldn't really matter.)

4) Reset IE defaults (No luck)

5) Cold Reboot (No Luck)

6) Unstalled IE,  cold boot,  reinstalled IE  (No luck)

Also,  when I shut down system it shows each instance of my trying to launch IE as a non responsive program.  They DO NOT however show up in the task manager.

OK,  you all are much brighter than me,  whats next?


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Hey S1:

Still no love.....

1) Used your reg download and no change.

2) Tried to download IE from MS and install,  said it already saw newer version on system and halted install.

3) Going to try the download link you sent,  but I think it's sp1 vs. sp2 so not sure were to find IE sp2 only.

Keep the ideas coming.

Also even getting in this way isn't totally stable.


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Even if you get all the files off.. youll still have the registry keys. Id search microsoft.com a bit to find out how to shut up the " newer version" thing. I had to do it once, i installed a custom version of XP i made, and didnt think i needed IE. ... very bad idea.. very bad.. Anyway i got the same error, and after checking the site it told me how to shut that message up and install IE6 correctly.

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