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Half life 2 and Doom3 System specs...


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Ok the summers coolest games are just around the corner... Half life 2 is going to be released some time in august and Doom3 ( latest date that I saw was the 3rd...) either way both are going to take 4 to 5 cds to load the game on to your computer...

Here are the system specs:

minimum spec would be a 1.2GHz powered PC with 256MB RAM, Win 98/ME/2000/XP and a DirectX 7 compatible graphics card.

But for those who want to see the game running in all its glory, be prepared to spec up to around a 2.4 GHz machine, with 512MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP and a DirectX 9 capable graphics card.

Both are expect to run on TI 4200s at low res... :roll:

What I mean to say is that you can expect about 40 to 60 fps on low res with that card... now you want the ultimate quality with the eye candy... I am guessing 9800pro might be able to push it... I would think that there is going to be a driver release before the games come out so that both ati and the nvidia cards are ready for them...

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Ok, so I won't be able to run them on this computer:

P3 1 Ghz


384 MB ram

But I expected that, since Call of Duty doesn't even work on this one. :x

How would this one do instead?

P4 3 Ghz

Radeon 9600

1 GB ram

Humorous fact: Unreal 2004 demo ran on the old comp. At the lowest settings possible, and I got about 15 - 20 fps. :lol:

I even killed a few people.

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The offical date for doom 3 is the third... Tomshardware has confermed it... The second system should be able to play the new games... Might not get all the eye candy but they will run quite well..HL2 is a different story... I have seen some "shipping dates" on some of the stores that are offering pre-orders and they are all listing a date in august.... :roll:

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This is going to be one ultra massive game... Hince why you had to by an XT version to get the free rebate for HL2... You are going to need some horse power in the graphics department to get all of the eyecandy... You can try like 800x600 with all of it on...

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