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Re: Ok, how about a 3.0 GHz - Pentium 4 HT


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Don't overclock it (the HT)... it's fast enough.  Myself, I haven't overclocked anything for more than a few minutes (as a test... messing around) since my 1 gen Celeron 333 (overclocked to 666 - my name is Damon, I had to do it) Once chips started getting fast enough in my opinion it wasn't worth it anymore.  I have an athlon 3000+ (running at 2.17 GHz).  Now what difference is it really going to make if I overclock it to say 2.4 or 2.6 GHz 10.5 to 19.8% --- and heat my chip up from a very cool 102*F (38.9*C) [Thermaltake rules THERMALTAKE Silent PurePower 410 PSU,  THERMALTAKE Tsunami and a Video card cooler (not my exact vc cooler but you get my drift)  they keep my s$#% pretty damn cool, even under load] ----- up to 117*F(47*C) or more, I'd rather be a little slower and keep my stability any day ;-)

By the way, are Dual Core Intel chips out yet?  Can I friggen upgrade yet and sell one of you guys some of my old stuff :-P

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