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i was just wondering what and if anyone was using Linux and what they believe to the best one that is user friendly and is the most compatable with most hard ware?

i have been trying out SUSE 9.2 64bit but i find to have many flags and dependency issue

also what about windows 64 bit?

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not sure about the 64bit version of things

but i have used red hat 8 on a laptop and it worked fine in terms of finding my drives for cd-room and every thing else in the laptop. i have also tried suse light version on it running of a cd and it also worked fine but i see you are having some problems with suse

have u tried red hat one?

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i have tried red hat did not quite like it  much been trying to get gentoo up and running for about a year now ...lol...i also like navynos -suse seems to have trouble with packages

besides i not that good with Cmd line yet

and yes i am down with the sickness :)

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i've been using Slackware Linux for about 7 months now, and love it. I like the cfdisk option on Slackware 10 for setting up, and making partitions it's more user friendly than plain old fdisk which is still an option if you so wish. Plus you get LILO as the boot manager with Slackware incase you want to run Duel Boot systems.

Slackware Linux rocks in my book, and i've used SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, and Fedora Linux Core 2, and 3. Thats my two cents anywho

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