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Just Switched to FireFox and would like to ask some ?'s


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:? :?

OK first off ,quite glad I switched for first impression.

Just  some simple ?'s probably able to figure out on my own ,but I'm here and its early so ...

The live bookmarks will the ones i make stay there of do i have to set them everytime i use the browser?

I seem to have a problem when it comes to my shortcuts I've made they all seem to launch using IE,but I've gone and set  my program access and defaults?

Just one more for the moment are any of the extensions  on FireFoxes site any good,and witch ones?

:? :?

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Just one more for the moment are any of the extensions on FireFoxes site any good,and witch ones?

:? :?

I've tired out many of the extensions on their site, but, in time, figured that I didn't really use any of them, so I got rid of them.  But that isn't to say that you may not like, and use often, some of them.  One of them I used was one that tested my bandwidth...Def. don't need that one anymore  :evil6:

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Live bookmarks. From Firefox Help:

"A special type of bookmark that acts as a folder to contain the links in a feed. You can create a live bookmark by visiting a site with a feed, clicking on the live bookmark icon in the Status Bar, and selecting the feed format you wish to use."

Whenever you see the live feed "logo" an orange box, it means that site supports RSS feeds.

For the shortcuts, Make sure you have Firefor set to your default browser. Go to Tools>>Options, then "default browser". Make sure the box is checked. In my time using FF, I've noticed that not all links will open in FF. Some of them are designed to open in IE.

There are dozens of add-ons for Firefox. Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/ to see a bunch of them. I would highly recommend Adblock. It does an excellent job of blocking unwanted banner ads. You can block basically anything with it, including Flash ads. I also have the Yahoo! Toolbar for firefox. It's available at http://toolbar.yahoo.com

As for other extensions, just look around the add-ons site. You'll probably find a few interesting things.

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im gonna make u a screenshot of all of my extensions. ill edit this post. god, i love FF. :D


count 'em: 58 extensions! :shock: and i use 'em all (except for the disabled one, which im trying to find replacements for its features because it makes a couple other extensions fail. ive found quite a few extensions to replace it, but not enough).

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Just me 2 cents... 

I like Firefox because it seems a little faster than IE... but there are also some downsides... I have run into a few sites that I cannot get to work because it is not IE... not enough to make me stop... but be aware of this.

On the extensions...  you will just have to try a few and see what you like.

Good luck...  I think you will like it.

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