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any1 ever heard of....


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a program that detects ur connection speed and say i were to HOLD enter on a certain application, me holding enter would make the page refresh as many times as possible depending on my connection speed..........???

more for people playing internet games where speed matters

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i know F5 and enter would work...........but i play a game where i have to hit F5 and enter over and over a few hundred times...........instead i would rather just hold enter and the page goes through ALOT more times...........i don't know how but my PC was able to do it at one point......but as i loaded more programs on it it just messed up and wouldn't work anymore

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but still a bit ???? what the hell

    i agree what??????

i've never heard of holding enter to refresh but if it is an application that might work....if it is a web page i agree F5 is the key......anyways what kind of game is it that would have to refresh so many times? seems like the game should do it itself if it has to refresh that many times. i jsut have never heard of that. fill me in plz. kind of ??? here

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i play a game called idlepimps..........

its a online textbased game.

u use turns to acquire hoes and u also buy thugs and other things as needed.......but u have to kill the persons thugs to steal their hoes.........now the page to attack their thugs is refreshed at various speeds depending on internet connection..........people with dsl and cable and other things usually run this game as they have the speed and skill.

now when i attack someone i have to refresh the page by hittin F5 and then enter again......thats using the IE6 browser...............if i were to use opera i could click F5 and it would refresh without me hitting enter......BUT.....i would like to be able to HOLD F5 so that it attacks about 5-10 times per second instead of 2-3 times..........i'm VERY skilled at this game and am one of the best that play..........BUT there are a few lil things i know i can do to help my performance...........i know they're are other games out there like this 1..........maybe one of u have a answer to this question.

how can i get my PC to refresh instantly instead of takin a few xtra mili secs???

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