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e-mail woes


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what is with dway...they can't seem to keep there equipment running....first it's internet speed issues then it's e-mail woes...is their equipment getting too old?  Are they just plain stupid and don't know how to support their equipment?.  Or did they farm out the repair team to India along with the phone support group?

I have had the most inconstant service since I don't know when.......never, thats when, never!

does this #%$@$ ever work?

Buzz :angry5:

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If I wasn't waiting for FedEx tracking numbers to let me know when my system parts arrived, it would bother me as much....BUT EVERYTIME SOMETHING IMPORTANT IS IN THE WORKS IT'S LIKE I JINKS THE SYSTEM AND IT CRASHES!!

bah humbug mumble grumble #$@^%$% anyway!

as soon as I get my new system and have to download all of the patches and upgrades for the OS the internet will be down, but e-mail will be working just fine!!


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