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Faster Comcast Speeds on Horizon


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Standard tier to 6Mbps, addition of faster tiers

Posted on 2005-07-05 11:36:14

When a provider is planning speed upgrades, our forums begin to rumble a month in advance; new Comcast speeds being no exception. Some users are being told by techs that higher speeds should appear within a month or two. From one Comcast insider: "Regular tier moves to 6Mbps/384Kbps, there will be a similar download with higher upload, then an 8Mbps/768Kbps tier, and one more higher tier." It's not clear if they'll match Cox and Adelphia's respective 15 & 16Mbps tiers (in competitive markets).


I'm somewhat thrilled about reading this. and some of me isn't. being that it took Comcast a long while to even get their systems somewhat ready for their 6mb/768 upgrades.. and even till this day they still have yet to fully get that up in alot of areas.. including mine.. let us Comcast members hope they've got everything more than enough prepared for this next upgrade and hope it follows through with it's new speeds.

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After this upgrade Cable CO's should not upgrade any more while on the current Docsis Tech. They should ready their networks for Docsis 3.0 as quickly as possible, and i cannot wait until the adelphia extreme.

That might take a while, considering a lot (I'm not sure what %) would have to buy/rent new Docsis 3 compatible modems.

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