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what's the worst that could happen?

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i pulled a couple of sticks of 128mb ram out of my old HP Vectra, which had happily been using them, and now I am going to put them into my Media Center (HP) ...so, what's the worst that could happen? will my pc just quit? I am kinda skepticul about doing it, but what is the worst that could happen?  ;)

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Well, if the memory isn't compatible with your other computer a few things could happen.

1. It wont work at all.

2.Not all motherboard/memory combos us the same voltage for the memory, so you could potentially ruin your motherboard and/or memory sticks.

3. Stranger things have happened.

Even though both computers are the same brand, they both probably have different chipsets,e.g.: different memory stick requirements.

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nice motto!! that's how I feel too. :D

I'll probably do it tonight, but you just gotta have the right number of pins..this memory is Micron brand, but no one can tell me how many pins it is...I guess I'll count them! :-P

:haha: :haha: have fun with that... hope its not over 100 :haha:

its easiest to take a stick that you know fits out and compare the 2... much faster ;)

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so, well, my parents got mad at me for trying it, got all worried about it messing up the 'family computer', and told me pretty much that they were going ot buy some. So, I went and decided to count it, it's 84 pins on both sides (168 total), and my pc takes 184 pin ram.  :angry5: :angry5:

so, I started to research ram, and I found some pretty good deals, now it's up to my parents! unless someone wants to send me a stick of 184 pin ram? I'd be happy to take it off your hands for you, possibly free up some pen space on your desk? :D

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