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Down stream power level is up to 17dBmV after I installed an amplifier.


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Upstream is down to 38 which is good, however, since downstream should be between -15 and +15 what are the ramifications of it running this high? Thank You!

You are approaching the upper threshold, but it most likely won't be an issue until the weather cools down.

By winter you may be up in the 20's, and that will defiantly be an issue.

Where did you install the amp?

If you can, you may want to by-pass the cable modem line around the amplifier by installing a 2 way splitter at the input of the amp.

One leg feeding the amp, the other feeding your modem.

I have attached an ultra high quality diagram (made with MS Paint) to help explain....

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Good idea.

What are the specs on the amp?

Does it say it amplifies the 5-42MHz spectrum?

Most amps do not, but it sounds like your's does.

You could stick another splitter in line to help attenuate the RF a bit.

That would lower the RX, and raise the TX which would not hurt either, you have plenty of head-room.

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