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Re: Comcast to offer faster Internet service

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Some more info from the Comcast forums:

To all,

As many of you may have already seen or heard, Comcast will soon be upgrading speeds again. The new speeds that will be offered are 6Mbps down/384kbps up and 8Mbps down/768kbps up.

These speed upgrades will begin later this month in central and eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New England, Maryland, Michigan, and Washington, D.C. We are committed to having nearly all Comcast HSI markets upgraded with these new speeds by the end of the summer.

New Service/Price Chart

With these new speed offerings, Comcast will be offering the High-Speed Internet at the following tiers of service.

If you currently do not subscribe to any Comcast Cable TV or Comcast Phone services, you will have the following options for HSI available to you:

  Down        Up     

  (Mbps)    (kbps)    Price

    4        384      $57.95

    6        384      $67.95

    8        768      $77.95

If you currently subscribe to Limited Comcast Cable TV service or Comcast Digital Voice, the following HSI options are available to you:

  Down        Up     

  (Mbps)    (kbps)    Price

    4        384      $42.95

    6        384      $52.95

    8        768      $62.95

If you currently subscribe to at least Comcast Expanded Basic Cable TV service or above, the following HSI options are available to you:

    Down        Up     

  (Mbps)    (kbps)    Price

    6        384      $42.95

    8        768      $52.95

Modem Compatibility

If your current cable modem has been in service for more than 4 years, there is a chance that your modem may not be able to achieve these new speeds. Of the list of Comcast-approved modems (see this FAQ for the list), the following modems have been tested with these new speeds and have been determined to not be able to achieve these top new speeds:


  Modem      Modem                      Download

  Brand      Model                        (Mbps)

Motorola    SBG1000                        4.3

Motorola    SB3100 (OS: VxWorks 5.3.1)    4.9

Motorola    SB4100 (OS: VxWorks 5.4)      5.8

Terayon      ECM615                        3.8

Thompson/    DCW615                        5.4


Toshiba      PCX2000                        4.9

So if you are currently renting one of the above-listed modems from Comcast, please contact your local Comcast office to find instructions on how to upgrade your modem to a newer model. If you currently own one of the above modems, you may want to consider renting a modem from Comcast for a $3/month cost or replace the modem with a newer model in the FAQ list of approved modems above.

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