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Yes, the first link there Troll, thanks. Gee, I thought most of you guys were better informed. My bad.

Seriously it's a pc to pc "phone" connection. I think MSN messgr. had it(has it) or something similar. It always seemed shitty nad would drop you frequently. This one is the diggety! You can do pc to phone too, for like .03 a minute I think. But like I said, pc to pc, it's free, and da bomb if you have relatives or friends in far away places!

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I used to use it quite frequently when talking to a friend in Tucson. It was better quality than the phone. That company worked out some nice codecs for voice. Problem is, right now it's in beta and it's free. I have no problems with the program being in beta, but I wonder if it will be free after V.1?

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Well, if you consider a microphone "expensive hardware" then your in trouble. :lol:


Ya it's nice. They are talking about next year doing a "phone to pc" call. They'll assign your pc a number that you would dial from a landline. Cool concept, I'm sure it'll cost some money though. I've been using for awhile and I've yet to get dropped. I use it as my IM right now.

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