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Microsoft Antispy exploit ???

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Good day people !<br><br>I think I have an issue. I ran Startup Inspector and it showed my startup programs, but.....this time I got a warning telling me that this is not to be confused with the "real" MS AS. Here's what it looked like:<br><br>  gcasServ

Filename  C:Program FilesMicrosoft AntiSpywaregcasServ.exe


Required  Not recommended

Startup Location  LM Run

Memory Usage  6.3 MB

Peek Memory Usage  6.5 MB

Comments  Added by a variant of the RBOT WORM! Do not confuse with the Microsoft AntiSpyware executable of the same name

<br><br> So I go check out RBOT worm here: http://www3.ca.com/securityadvisor/virusinfo/virus.aspx?id=39437 <br><br>And this begins to worry me. You see, I (at this point) have only noticed a few symptoms i.e., a small number of attempts for packets trying to leave my machine (stopped by ZoneAlarm), or slowed down internet performance for short spells. I don't usually notice much outgoing activity on my "in-out" meter. Plus, I'm constantly scanning for spyware etc. using Spybot s-d, Adaware, and Microsoft A-S...although if that's been compromised I'm sure it's hidden.( I believe it's hidden in the Microsoft A-S folder itself). I also scan bi-weekly for viruses with AVG, but nothing is ever found. <br><br> I just disabled it from starting up. But who knows what that will do ?. Has anyone ever heard of this ? BTW, I am running XP service pack 2. And.......(geeeze)...There also seems to be five running processes involving- Antispy...that seems very weird. Perhaps I should uninstall all of them and get another version ???,<br><br>Thanks in advance.<br><br>EDITED<br><br>I just tried to block the startup of this and another program "LXBYCATS" Upon restart my spybot s&d kept asking permission for a registry change, I checked "remember",- allow block and restarted, !half of my screen filled up with multiple windows telling me registry change denied. It would not stop. I removed microsoft A-S, But nothing changed. The Gcaserv continued to ask for permission. I finally used a system restore point, and now I'm stable again.....And as I said earlier,  before I blocked Gcas, my PC was running (seemingly) OK. (with those few exceptions).<br><br> This has to be a worm since removing A-S was done through add/remove, and it was the only reference to micro A-S, yet there are now 8 of it's processes running as we speak...maybe 4 of them Antispy executables.

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Thanks for that. I had just downloaded the newest "malicious" removal tool from microsoft and it found nothing. PLUS, when I attempted to remove all of anti-spy, it spawned another copy of itself which is now taking up another 6 meg of my memory. When I try to block it from starting up, the machine goes crazy with hundreds of little spybot s-d windows telling me that gcaserv is reqesting permission to add itself to startup and the registry. I think I'm looking at reformat.

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Thanks guys, I tried the backlight...found nothing. I'll give spysweeper a go. What gets me is how after I uninstall MSAntispy the GcaServ still loads (or attempts to anyway) If I try to block it, it spawns another copy of itself. Like I said before, now I have two plus GcaServ processes loading at startup and even worse, Antispy won't scan. It starts to look like it wants to scan but then freezes. As well, I cant update my spybot, nor my yahoo toolbar anti-spy. Could this worm be so ingenious that it kills all of my other  anti spyware ? I really don't want to reformat but it's looking like the only option. Not to mention that I don't have a disc, as XP is loaded onto the D partition. We've faced this before. I just don't want to have to deal with re-configuring my internet connection in the firewall, updating all the drivers, losing my music, photo's etc....I know backup, but it's all such a pain.<br><br>I wonder if this problem is similar to 69's LSASS issue. <br><br>BTW, does anyone know if there will be an issue with microsoft office and the need to authenticate and activate the software ? I just purchased and installed 2003 pro and if I reactivate it won't the MS police deny me because it's already been registered to my soon to be formatted HD ??? <br><br>Ya know, I was happy in life before I put together this PC.  :angry5: It amazes me that you can't just have a computer anymore without some idiot trying to mess you up. WHY ??? Why do people, hackers need to do this ??? I can see big corps, but guys and girls like us have done nothing to deserve these worms and viruses. I sound naive, I know but I just don't get it. Cripes I don't even browse questionable sites. It seems like every 10 seconds some idiot in china is pinging my machine or trying to send "packets of some sort. I turned ny firewall off for 3 minutes when I first put this machine together and 9 viruses jumped in.  Unbelievable

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I figured that since my machine only had slight weirdness maybe I was dealing with leftovers or a glitch of some sort.  I just don't understand how It still always manages to start up. I even blocked it through MSCONFIG  and the tray still shows the bullseye. Granted I cant use it. My spybot SD just found a DSO exploit and supposedly removed it. Another funny thing, I ran winpatrol and just now, as I was attempting to have it read running processes, it told me It could not run cos the file was gone. I don't know what's going on. maybe I'm a really lame PC user, or I have a slick little demon running around. <br><br> The info I got through startup inspector said is was a "varient of the RBOT worm" Shoulda never trusted a beta.<br><br>Thanks for looking out guys...the voices keep saying reformat.

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Have you tried running your AV software? Also if you or a friend have an external HDD back up what's most important to you on the xternal and do a reformat on the corrupted HDD. Remember reformatting is the last thing you want to do, personally I would do a system restore then run my AV software on a complete PC scan.


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