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i dont get what all u guests do... theres always like 30 guests and like 4 registered users on... what do the guests do- just read our posts? my bro does that, but at a news forum where he can read updated news and stuff so i get y he wouldnt want to post there, but here? i'm just so clueless right now... :?

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:) SnackySmores.tk....lol

Hmmmm I have said the same thing to myself before.....apparently we both have way to much time on our hands to look and wonder what others are doing......hehe but yes thats what they are doing is "browsing" through the site and reading post and checking out things(like us) some months back CA3LE GUY sent me an email as to the amount of time I spend "browsing" the site and I was kinda surprised at how often and how much I visit....but it sure is fun:) so I guess this is a point to ponder as they say.....lol have fun:) :P

8) Microwave

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Here is what CA3LE told me a while about guests..

Search engines send out spiders to map new parts of sites.. so like 10-15 could be that.. mapping the new posts and the changes he has made to his site... The other could just be people looking at the site in general... There are normally 100 or so people testing.. so they come in here and look at the scores to see what they compair to and how to make it faster... :wink:

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hmm i didnt know spiders counted as guests... lol i think the auto log in is probably a good explanation cuz sometimes ill be the only one logged in with like 30 guests then ill post and two minutes later someones logged in and replied... happens all the time; its freaky. :!:

and lol swimmer 8 posts from now ull have 1000 posts! :shock: for hes a jolly good poster for hes a jolly good poster and blah blah blah blah blah :wink:

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