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correct fios setup / slow download speeds


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Correct me if I'm wrong....and I may be, but isn't the DI-624 a wireless B router?  With the encryption turned on I'd say the best your going to get wirelessly on that router would be about 6Mbps.  I know it's supposed to be 11Mbps but on my previous B router I was never able to get more then about 6Mbps on the wireless.  On my new DI-524 (Wireless G) I usually get above 12Mbps on the wireless.

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thanks for the responses.....my dads machine this morning got:

4949Kbps about 4.9Mbpt (Tested with 2992kB

D/L speed is 604kB/s

tested from (server 2

@ 9:51:52

88x faster than 56k 1MB download in 1.7 sec

validation link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-E01BQ3ZGD

not copy pasted cuz im on my p'book in front of the windows machine

the 624 is a wireless g router, http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=6


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i am on the phone right now with them right now....and guess what?!

i only have the 5/2 connection but im supposed to have the 15/5 or whatever it is....this is going to be a fun call


edit:  verizon fios help is very nice and helpful....too bad one of the ladies he had to talk to to get something changed screwed up and now i have to wait for a few hours or until tomorrow to see the change in speeds

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