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How much upload in the upgrade


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I currently don't have bellsouth but planning too because of this upgrade.  I live less than 5,000 feet away from my C.O. and wondering if there are any planes with upload going up to 768kbps, if not that bellsouth is the worst ISP ever and has one of the dumbest people running it.  Also that 9/3 plan is impossible and should never of been posted since the limit of regular adsl which is in use by bellsouth right now can only go up to about 8mbps/900 or something kbps upload.  It would take years to re-install all the lines in the southeast for bellsouth to have plans that go up to 9/3 with adsl2. 

Just wanting to know if bellsouth is going to 768 up if not im not getting it.  Please tell me what they are planning to do so I can have some hope to get this BS bellsouth connection.

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I had the 3/384 line and am thinking about going back to them if they upgrade to 768( i hope they do) and i currently have a SDsl line from bellsouth384/384 , comcast 8/768 , and Sdsl from Covad 1.1/1.1 and my contract on the bs 384 is up in november so i might sawitch back to residential package . Also the 384 line was great for hosting, if anyone knows of Rtcw for xbox , i did a 14 man with no lag and sometimes got 16 with minimal lag. It is good but my 1.1 line tops it out by far.

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