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Verizon FIOS rate reductions - 30/5 speeds for $55


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vonage gives u the same features and everything...theres not really any difference, i wanted to get lingo($20) but i found about it too late...

btw, what phone adapter did voicewing give u? vonage gave me a piece of crap linksys rtp300 with a WIRED router...its router sucks anyway, im not gonna use it, ill just buy the best linksys with 2 phone ports in it later.

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I'm in Ronkonkoma, NY, and we have the 30/5, and its rocks...

We had Optonline, but the node here was so overcrowded that I could barely pull 2000kbps during peak hours..

Now we get avg 29,990 kbps on the downside..(upload speeds seem inaccurate on tests...some read 5.2Mb/s, while others read 4.5Mb/s...).

For $55/month you can't go wrong...(optonline just bumped everyone here up to 15/2 for no charge(good luck getting those numbers lol)...lol they must be losing customers left and right...I know I recommended fios to anyone here who could get it)

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