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Reporting Ebay Seller Violations


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I was going to post in a topic that was going this direction but it was locked at the member that started the topics request.Which is a good reason to lock a topic. I have no problem with that.

I just wanted to tell my experience with reporting a seller.I bought the same poster from the same seller in the link below.She has changed the wording on the description some but still leads you to believe it is the original 1980 to 81 poster.It is a reproduction.I bought one & still have it.It is a good reproduction.My has the yellow letters that she now says the poster doesn't have.So she sells what she can get printed.I think the original had white.I started reporting this to her & Ebay about a year ago.With no results as you can see the poster is still being sold.I then reported it to Winchester as a trademark violation.The email I got back from Winchester is below.Since the poster is still being sold the reporting did little good.Ebay will let sellers by with almost anything.I still buy from Ebay sellers & by far the majority of items I have purchased have been as advertised.But if there not about the best you can get is a refund usually withyou losing the shipping you paid.So report if you want to but in my case it was a waste of time with no results & didn't cause the seller any problems .I did put in a negative feedback but I haven't checked to see if its still there.

From: "Bednar, Vicki L EALT" <[email protected]>

To: <[email protected]>

Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 10:07 AM

Subject: Winchester Trademark

> Thank you very much for your e-mail regarding the Winchester poster on

> e-bay.  Winchester is very adament about protecting our trademark and we


> always watching for infringement of the trademark.  Unfortunately, it is

> very difficult to review all of the Winchester items on E-bay each day.


> I thank you for alerting me to this particular seller on E-bay.

> I have sent our trademark infringement letter to E-bay by e-mail this

> morning and two Winchester posters that this particular seller has as

> current open items will be removed immediately.

> If you find any other items that you think might be trademark


> please let me know and we will immediately take action to protect our

> trademark.

> Best Regards,

> Vicki Bednar

> Manager, Licensed Products

> Winchester

> 618-258-2365

I do think the posters are being reproduced and this person is selling

copied prints of the poster. 

Winchester aggressively protects our trademarks and we do not allow anyone

to infringe upon our marks when we become aware of the infringement.

Although these posters could be from promotions done in the past by USRAC or

Winchester, these poster cannot be reproduced and sold without our


Thank you for informing me of this matter.

Best Regards,

Vicki Bednar

Manager, Licensed Products



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Way to go Cholla hopefully other people do as much follow up on bad sellers thus helping make EBAY a safer place to buy.

That poster Rocks. By chance do you own that model Winchester Rifle That poster would be so cool placed right over the rifle showcased on a wall.

Does winchester still manufacture those old lever action replicas. I saw a program on tv on the old winchester rifles they are uber valuable and reliable and beautiful rifles. :-P

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raptors892004:yea I went & checked it too.No negative feedback I don't know what happened to it.naybe the seller was able to get it removed by ebay.

milchama: No I have an antique Winchester rifle .The commeratives like the John Wayne are limited editions put out for a short time.I don't own a one of the commeratives there are several commerating different things like the Chief Crazy Horse & the Boy Scouts & several others.The best place to find one would be at gun shows but you would have to watch for fakes there too.Winchester still makes a non commerative simular to the John Wayne .It has the larger loop lever & is short I think it is the Wrangler model.

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Here are some images.

1. Wrangler not the commerative still available new in 1992.

2. Commerative box set Approxamate value $5000

3.picture of John Wayne with his Winchester Large loop he had these custom modified for him.Before Winchester made the Wrangler model.Or Chuck Conners Rifleman rifle.

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